Manufacture, Sale and Repair of Water Well Drilling Rigs


Durodrill - Water Well Drilling Rigs - Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda.

Durodrill has a vast experience on the manufacturing of drilling equipment, with its focus on extraction of groundwater and we continuously strive to offer our clients cutting edge products, with an emphasis on research and development, with the aid of state of the art equipment and technical experts.

With the start of our activity in this sector we felt the need to develop products that so far had been solely produced by large international brands, such as DTH Drill Pipes, Down the Hole Hammers, however, there was also room for innovation, with the introduction of the Mud Pumps, which had tremendous success in the national and international market.

With the success that Durodrill achieved in Portugal it was possible to branch out towards the international market, mainly in Europe and Africa. This growing confidence by our clients and business partners is essential in giving us the motivation required to continue to excel in this challenging market and to pursue a continuous innovation in our products.

We would like to acknowledge all of our clients and business partners and to thank them for their friendship and confidence in Durodrill.


Water Well Drilling Rigs

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